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Sirius of the Week for February 12 - 18, 2006

This week we feature a memorial to Oliver (also known as "Beautiful"). His person-dad writes,

"You may have had a dog for years when one day you realise that this is the very one. He's special in your life, becomes part of yourself. When he looks right into your soul, when you know that there's something so profound in your relationship it will be there for the rest of your days.

irish setter oliver
Oliver, making his "Guess how I would like to be spoiled now" face

"I still remember the day when I recognised the fact. I also remember the ghastly instant when I suddenly knew he was getting older. I will never forget the horror of having to say Goodbye. And I remember the moment I knew he is not gone, that he will be with me for as long as I breathe. That what I learnt from him, what he taught me, will be appreciated, will guide me for the better. I will always be grateful to a friend who so very much enriched my life."

You can learn more about Oliver and how special he was and see many more wonderful pictures of him at his Always Love You site.

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