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Sirius of the Week for January 22 - 28, 2006

Our star this week is Bruno. His first person-mom writes:

"A girlfriend that wanted me to have a dog bought me Bruno for payment for watching her two little boys. She took me to a toy poodle farm in Rancho Cordova in 1994. The cages were clean and the dogs were clean and they seemed very happy. I picked Bruno out because he tottered up to me, very friendly and very confident. At that time I also had an Arabian horse named Markeema and she was very gentle and friendly, and Bruno was not afraid to sit up on the saddle with me when I would ride. He was very trusting and so smart. It took me only ten minutes to teach him to roll over and sit. He also learned and loved to jump through a hoop that he still does to this day, for goodies of course. I carried him around constantly like a baby, just like I treated my kittens when they were babies. In this way, I wanted to be sure that I made a strong bond and he was dependant on my like I was his mother. During the time he was a very small puppy, I was living with my parents and they became very attached to him also. They already had a cocker spaniel, Gracie that took to Bruno immediately.

toy poodle

"Bruno had a really unusual antic that he would act out. If Bruno did not want to do something that you wanted him to do, he would grovel at your feet like he was being abused and assume a prostrate position to try to get sympathy. It was very humiliating. Anybody who did not know how spoiled Bruno was and how we fulfilled his every whim, would think that he had been abused! It was disgusting! Bruno knew how to manipulate with that kind of behavior. You would feel guilty even though you had done nothing! He was very successful in achieving his own way. For the most part, all he wanted to do was please you and he will filled with love. He used to like to pretend that he was a very vicious dog when I would play tug of war with him with something. Even though he is a small dog, he knew how to show off and exhibit his sharp little teeth to be quite intimidating. At times he could fool me that he was going to try to give me a nasty bite, but, he never did. He is a very good watchdog and knows somebody is coming even though they have not knocked or pressed the doorbell.

"When I had to move I did not have the heart to take him from my mother and father who were so attached to him. Bruno and my mom are very close, and he is a very faithful and entertaining companion to my mom. When mom comes down to visit, of course, since Bruno is part of the family, he is here at every occasion. I make sure he has dinner plates of specialty food for the holidays. When he does come over, the first thing he does is beg me for the treat that he is used to getting when he comes. He will roll over and perform his dance, even before the food appears.

toy poodle trick
Bruno performing for treats

"He loves the cats. Sasha is his favorite buddy. The cats are never worried about Bruno hurting them but sometimes he can get on their nerves by trying to initiate a game of chase that they are not interested in at the time.

poddle and cat
Bruno and Sasha

"Bruno also gets jealous if any family member leans down to give my mother a hug or a kiss. He barks and gets very upset and doesn't want anybody to touch my mother. I don't understand fully his reason for that. I think Bruno has a wild imagination!"

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