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Siriuses of the Week for November 13 - 19, 2005

This week our stars are Okapi (o-ka'-pee) and Tahluta (ta-lu'-ta). Their canine-brother Dimitri was featured last week.

"Okapi, the tri-color Border Collie is the most intelligent of our dog-children. He needs constant challenge, loves to play fetch and always has to have a "wubby." He sleeps with any stuffed toy every night which is only funny because he is the most agressive and Alpha-male of our group. He, too, chases rabbits and packrats. He was run-over by our neighbor (some guy, huh?). Our wonderful veterinarians patched up his broken ribs and dislocated hind leg. With their help, good food and plenty of love we no longer call him "tri-pod." He ran three-legged for about four months, had a slow recovery, but is right as rain again now. We notice he does very well on Pet-Cal supplements.

"Okapi is now 7, but acts just like a puppy, always running, jumping and herding. He understands English very wells and learns commands very quickly. Okapi loves to play fetch - he runs to retrieve the stick, hides it, then returns waiting for the command: "where's the stick?" He then goes to "find" it and brings it back. This guy is very intelligent. Okapi was rescued from the humane society in Durango, Colorado. He is a real mountain dog, sleeps under the snow and loves swimming."

Okapi and Tahluta

"Tahluta is our 9 year old liver and white Border Collie. He is on the bottom of the pecking order (only because he is so smart) and the "mother" of all the other dogs (even though he is a male). He is the most tolerant and easy-going of all our dogs. He helped to raise up Festus [whom we'll meet later] then Dimitri. When we are ready, we'll ask Tally to help with a new puppy. Tally doesn't like any (non-canine) small creature running in his yard - chases rats, mice, lizards, rabbits and the chickens. He is also very intelligent and knows all basic commands including "shake" and "other paw." He often does these on his own hoping for a cookie. Tally especially loves cookies, and tries to beat out Okapi for the object of "fetch." He was rescued from the humane society in Boulder, Colorado. The sheriff collected him from a severe abuse situation in Boulder. When he was rescued he weighed 105 pounds, but we have had him for 4 1/2 years now and he has outgrown all his symptoms of emotional distress. He is a healthy 55 pounds now. He gets very jealous if he sees his people petting other animals. When he and Okapiplay in the snow, then look just like dolphins, jumping and appearing then disappearing under the snow. Tally "swims" with Okapi but usually only goes in up to his belly. Tally is very protective of his people against things we ride -- like he attacks the skate board, snow sled, the lawn mower, etc. We think he believes these things are "getting" us. Tally is a peaceful old soul."

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