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Siriuses of the Week for April 24 - 30, 2005

This week we have two fabulous stars: Beau and Snoopy.

Beau is 3 1/2 years old. He is a "Bear coat" Shar-pei. He is the love of his human's lives, and their world is so much better with him in it.

Baby Beau

His person-mom writes,

"When I got married five years ago, my husband and I built a house outside of the city, and my husband is workaholic; therefore, I was able to convince him that I needed a dog for company. The following year, he surprised me by telling me I could have my dog, whichever one I wanted. I wanted a 'wrinkles' -- I did not even know the proper name of them at the time. There are no breeders on the Island I live on, so I had to resort to the Internet for breeder. I first visited the local vet and went through his magazines for breeders. I found Andrea Robbins in Aurora, Ontario. She just had a new litter. Naturally, I was not able to be there to pick one of the five, so I basically got what was left. Thank God! Beau's a blessing. No one picked Beau because he was not up to the standards of the Shar-pei, long hair and all. I put the $800.00 in her account, told her to put him on the next flight for Newfoundland, and I booked my two weeks holidays at work so I could spend it with him. Needless to say, he may not qualify as a show dog, but he sure won my heart over when I first laid eyes on him in the airport. Everything else is history.

Beau and his little friends

"He has had a few visits to the vet, I had surgery on his eyes when he was only 10 months old. They were very sore (entropia, or something like that), ear infections, and an anal gland thing!!!, and one fight with the neighbor's dog. A few battle scars later, he is still mommy's boy.

Shar Pei
Beau enjoying the snow in February

"He is very stand offish, people are scared to death of him, but he likes that. He loves to intimidate people, especially the mail carrier and meter man. Beau is a real couch potato, loves to nap on the sofa, and sleeps in the bed (either ours or his own double bed in his own room) most nights. He loves winter. Hates water. Every since he was a baby, he had this fashion of washing his face, I always leave my face cloth on the side of the tub every morning after showering, sure shot, he takes the face cloth sometime throughout the day, throws it on the floor and precedes to rub his face over and over the damp cloth. He likes to lean forward on his front legs, and stick his bum up in the air when he is in a playful mood. We have showered him with love (I have no children, he's it) since we first got him, but he is not overly loveable. I have been begging for a kiss for years now, he just looks a me as if to say, 'mom, get up off the floor, you know I don't give kisses.' He is pretty goofy!"


Our second Sirius of the week is Snoopy. Snoopy was born on Christmas Day, 1991 and was adopted by Ed on April 22, 1992 -- the beginning of a wonderful relationship between human and canine. After a couple of years, Ed and Snoopy moved to South Florida. Ed writes,

"Snoop became a self-feeding Beagle. She sleeps on 9 pillows and a comforter on the 'Master's [hah]' bed. Day and night, Snoops has access through 2 doggie doors to a very large yard totally encompassed by a 6 foot escape-proof fence. Snoopy spends her time fishing with Ed, riding on her eight additional pillows (better than an air bag) and comforter in the front seat of the Chevy Malibu. When the water temperature is above 90 in the back yard in-ground pool, the Snoopster gets her almost daily exercise via a lengthy swim....thus producing an amazing record of never having had a flea since coming to Florida. Snoops also has access to the chaise lounge, the other beds in the house, the living room couch, and just about anywhere she might desire to flop.

"As Snoopy approaches her fourteenth Birthday, She is now blessed with wonderful health. The last semi-annual full physical examination resulted in a Her vets beaming approval: 'excellent health.' There is still a lot of the puppy and the cunning teenager canine left in Snoops. This is the result of daily teeth brushing, consuming Greenies, daily exercise, daily ear cleaning, daily eye cleaning, plenty of rest and being showered with affection.

"Snoops can emerge from a deep sleep into an immediate full-alert mode just by hearing a crinkle of cellophane, or the opening a refrigerator door. In her long life, this amazing Beagle has known only two kinds of people: friends and friends she has not met yet. Snoopy is just absolutely in love with life."


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