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Siriuses of the Week for February 20 - 26, 2005

Our submitter writes,

"Here are my two best friends. Peaty, the bigger dog was on death row at the dog pound at 3 months old because of a small lump on the wrist of his front paw. I guess people were afraid to adopt him in case it was something serious. Well, I took a chance, and let me tell you, what a great dog that Peaty turned out to be. He is now 3 years old. He is a ham for the camera and loves posing. He is also a great watch dog because of his size and sound of his bark but, he would never really bite anyone.

"The smaller dog, Bear, is also adopted and is only about 50 pounds as apposed to Peaty who is about 100 pounds. Bear is the older of the two at 9 years old. Bear is the agile one of the house. He walks on the deck handrail like he is a cat or something. He can jump over the six foot fence in the back yard. I had to put more wood to prevent the jumping but, when Bear is in the house, all he wants is to be as close to me as he can. If I leave my seat for a moment he will sit right where I was sitting until I return.

"Oh, and they loved my motorcycle. I wish I had a side car on it so I could bring them for rides."

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