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Sirius of the Week for September 5 - 11, 2004

This week we feature Zion's Sun Devil, an ISSR Shiloh Shepherd, NB3 brown sable plus. Her people just call her Sunny.

The ISSR Shiloh Shepherd is a rare breed started by Tina Barber; Sunny came from Tina. You cannot buy a real ISSR Shiloh Shepherd from a pet store, you have to go through a breeder. Sunny's person-mom says that all Shiloh's have good temperments and like kids, and Sunny is no exception. She writes,

"I really believe kangaroo was added to this dog. Springing straight up in the air when happy is a common trait. Sunny's bonked her head on our ceiling a few times. These dogs are extremely smart, and doesn't take too much to train them. When I'm on the go she is right there with me. If I try and do something she will try it to. This is my first dog, and I must say I got a great one. When I stop she flops down and rests. I'm a stay at home mom, so she's with me all day.

"They don't need to talk, they'll let you know exactly what they want. I taught her to ring a bell to go outside and go potty. She picked this up very quickly. By the end of the first day she was already ringing the bell on her own. I was cooking dinner one night and had the over head vent on, and couldn't hear her ring the bell, so she ripped it off the door and brought it to me.

What Sunny looks like when she doesn't want to listen to you

"She's an odd one for toys. I'd say her most favorite toy is my 8 year old daughter Sasha. Sunny is almost double her size yet still so gentle with her. She even sits still and lets my daughter dress her up, which I cringe at. I keep telling her she's a shepherd and not a poodle, but kids will be kids.

"Sunny loves balls and squeaky plush toys inside the house. She's strickly a stick girl outside, or any of Sasha's toys that might be laying around. She loves soccer balls, but will pop them if she picks it up. Sunny's favorite thing to do is to go for a ride in the truck. All you have to do is pick up the keys and she will pole-vault straight into the air. She wouldn't need me if she had an opposable thumb and could drive herself, lol.

"What trick I like the best is her thievery. She can pick pocket you quicker than you know what's going on. Tissues and cash get stashed in her crate. So stuff your jacket pockets full of cash when you come to visit me, lol. By the way, this trick was self taught. I can't take any credit for it.

"You have to be careful what you do around these dogs, because they learn from example. You know that saying 'Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.'? Well, that REALLY applies here. In June it was hot, so when I was finished hanging the clothes in the basement and went upstairs Sunny didn't follow me. She just laid there panting on the cold cement floor. So I left her there. An hour later when I was ready for bed I turned off all the lights in the house, and opened the cellar door, and called to her 'Time for nighty night Sunny.' Nothing, not even the sound of toe nails on the floor. So I call into the blackness of the cellar, but this time a bit more louder, and more assertive. 'I said time for nighty night!' Little did I know she was standing on the top stair the whole time and she let out this huge bark and shot by me like lightning. I screamed my fool head off and turned on the lights. There she was on her bean bag smiling from ear to ear. My dog was thrilled that she scared the living poo out of me! I was upset with this behavior and was telling her this wasn't the way proper young ladies behave. Just then my daughter comes down the stairs, annoyed we had awakened her. I told her why I had screamed like that, and do you know what my daughter said to me? 'What do you expect mom, you do it to daddy.' I guess I'm the one who doesn't behave properly."

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