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Sirius-es of the Week for February 20 - 26, 2000.

Meet Ruth and Ralph, two Rottweilers who tip the scales at 150 and 155 pounds, respectively. Ruth is snoozing on the floor, while Ralph is relaxing in the tub.

Ruth is 4 years old and she is her daddy's angel and can do no wrong in his eyes, even when she picks through the trash. But, she is a dainty trash-picker (unlike Ralph) because she only goes for the little morsels. She is also a picky eater; for example, she does not like shrimp. She does, however, love rawhide flips. And chewing on Ralph.

Ralph is 3 years old, and an accomplished trash-picker. He eats anything. (He likes to chew on Ruth, too.) He is also a resourceful dog. He's had to have hip surgery, so he has trouble walking up the ramp to his people's deck in the back yard. No problem. He simply walks up the ramp backwards.

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